fox sports app chromecast

How to ChromeCast Fox Sports App to TV? Guide

Fox Sports Application:

Fox Sports app chromecast: In fox sports, people are able to watch live sports events and famous shows from the regional sports network. This application is only available in America. After download this fox sports application, you have to register your credentials then only it works properly. And also it works with Roku, Apple, Google Chromecast and some other acceptable devices.

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fox sports app chromecast
                                                                                                    Fox sports

Through this application, people can stream their live sports channels. If you are not able to watch the live stream through cable or through the live streaming package, they can go for fox sports application which makes them easy to watch live stream. You can download this application from the Google play store.

Best Feature of Fox Sports Go:

  • Without the commercial breaks, 7TV channels and 7HD channels will be available in its original language.
  • Through the fox sports network, All the sports events will be telecasted lively.
  •  It provides the best part of all sports events.
  • In case, If we missed any sports event at the live time. It helps you to replay the event which you missed.
  • It includes the live telecast of MLB, NBA, NHL-college football, basketball and so on.

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How to Chromecast Fox Sports App to TV?

If people want to see videos on the fox app, they should check whether the smartphone is connected with the WiFi network. Then select your content from your mobile. 

There are two methods used to cast for sports apps to TV.

  1. Through smartphone
  2. Through chrome browser

First method-Using smartphone

Basic needs:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Google chrome
  3. A TV with HDMI port
  4. WiFi connection

Steps to Follow:

#step 1. Access the fox sports app on your smartphone.

Fox Sports app
Fox Sports app

#step 2. Then you have to find a cast icon on the top of the right corner in the application.

fox sports app chromecast
Cast Icon

#step 3. Tap the cast icon. The available devices will display in the application.

fox sports app chromecast
The available device will display

#step 4. Select the Chromecast device name and then automatically the video will play on your screen.

#step 5. You can watch your favorite video or else watch other channels that are all accessible in the application.

Video now play on your TV
Video now play on your TV

Method 2-Using chrome browser on Desktop:

Basic needs:

  1. Chrome browser with a desktop
  2.  Google Chromecast
  3.  A TV with HDMI port
  4. WiFi connection

Steps to use:

#step 1. Launch Chrome browser on your desktop and enter the URL “ sports”

#step 2. In the chrome browser tap the “Menu icon” and tap the “cast” button.

tap the Cast button
tap the Cast button

#step 3. Then the browser will be looking for available devices around you and then display it on your screen.

available devices and display it on screen
available devices and display it on-screen

#step 4. Go to the “Sources” drop-down button and select the “cast tab” option.

Select the Cast tab option
Select the Cast tab option

#step 5. Then enter the Chromecast device name and screened it on your TV.

Click Chromecast device name
Click Chromecast device name

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Wrapping up:

The above given two methods help people to cast fox sports applications to TV. By using cast fox apps, you can watch and enjoy your well-liked sports event on your TV. The second method mostly prefers people who work very smart. If not able to connect the fox sports applications to Android phones, you can use the second method. We hope this article will help you to know how to fox sports app chromecast.

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